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List of short stories in the Thriller category at short fiction - back to our genre list

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Thriller genre. Please do leave comments for the writers! Or how about visiting our Short Fiction Forum to chat about the site, stories, and authors?
Thriller fiction, sometimes called suspense fiction, is a genre of literature that typically entails fast-paced plots, numerous action scenes, and limited character development. It is sometimes called suspense fiction because of the heightened level of stress or excitement that it induces in the reader. Along with the aforementioned suspense fiction, it has more than a dozen sub-genres, including action-adventure thriller, techno-thriller, conspiracy thriller, medical thriller, serial killer thriller, political thriller, military thriller, romantic thriller, legal thriller, forensic thriller, and spy fiction.

Ten RANDOM stories from this genre

He Can Always Find You, date added; 2015-01-01, The cottage part 2, date added; 2011-05-14, Retribution Ch6, date added; 2010-01-11, Burdens, date added; 2012-08-10, Carmen Stays Amazingly Calm, date added; 2012-05-07, Mitch Crowne: The Arrival, date added; 2014-08-30, The gift, date added; 2006-11-29, ... the dimming of the light... (part 22), date added; 2013-01-06, This Old Man - chapter 9, date added; 2008-12-22, Time To Remember... Time To Forget, date added; 2012-03-02,

Latest stories in this genre

Eveline Turner: The Exchange, by MacShayne
Date added: 2015-01-12 Total reads: 234
"He tried to punch her but she dodged and responded so fast that he couldn't even have enough time to regret his first attempt." [8/8]
Eveline Turner: The Leap, by MacShayne
Date added: 2015-01-06 Total reads: 290
"A drainpipe, a house with a balcony across the huge wall. There was always another way. Better? The hell with better..." [7/8]
A Seductive Night, by acidphreak
Date added: 2015-01-02 Total reads: 655
M/F one on one
Eveline Turner: The Conversation, by MacShayne
Date added: 2015-01-01 Total reads: 190
'Eveline Turner, how nice to see you again. Enjoying Malta lately?' [6/8]
He Can Always Find You, by LarryFNigh
Date added: 2015-01-01 Total reads: 292
In an age of intricate and mysterious technology, can we ever be left alone.
Eveline Turner: The Assassination, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-12-26 Total reads: 212
'It wasn't me.' Mitch said before he threw away his phone. [5/8]
Eveline Turner: The Shooter, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-12-21 Total reads: 207
She had balls, he couldn't deny that. But she just signed her death sentence. [4/8]
Eveline Turner: The List, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-12-16 Total reads: 202
'I had every reason to kill a vice president who endangered his own country and the people that voted for him.' [3/8]
Eveline Turner: An Unknown Caller, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-12-11 Total reads: 243
'Hey, who is this?' a female asked after almost two minutes of silence. [2/8]
9/11 PLUS 99 DAYS, by XavierJets
Date added: 2014-12-10 Total reads: 200
The outline and level-by-level description of a video/computer game based on the 9/11 attacks and their immediate aftermath. All levels are based on real events and true stories.
Eveline Turner: The Beginning, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-12-07 Total reads: 260
She turned around and looked right into Chief Holland's eyes. 'Six weeks ago you were visited by an extraordinary male, about 1.88 metres long and...' [1/8]
Suburban Irritation, by LukeMason
Date added: 2014-10-25 Total reads: 459
When two preachers disenchanted by the non-believers of society knock on Jeanette’s door, little does she know that she will be challenged to become a believer, whether she likes it or not.
Mitch Crowne: The Goodbye, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-10-10 Total reads: 351
'But now that I solved the mystery and you guys are dealt with, I'll be happy to continue my journey.' [8/8]
Mitch Crowne: The Specialist, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-09-29 Total reads: 341
'No, but he likes a drink when it's past midnight.' [7/8]
Mitch Crowne: The Savage, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-09-24 Total reads: 394
'Alan, of course he's death. Look at the mess you made.' [6/8]
Mitch Crowne: The Shotgun, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-09-17 Total reads: 345
Since he arrived, one person was killed, another went missing and a body was found outside the town. [5/8]
Mitch Crowne: The Suspect, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-09-12 Total reads: 354
'Someone taught me, you either get it or miss it, by a hair. I never miss Alan.' [4/8]
Mitch Crowne: The Affair, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-09-03 Total reads: 531
'Have you been a bad boy Alan?' [3/8]
Mitch Crowne: The Arrival, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-08-30 Total reads: 317
'Who is Mitch Crowne?' [2/8]
Mitch Crowne: The Case, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-08-25 Total reads: 301
'They wanted him to leave. Will he?' [1/8]
Nightcall, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-08-07 Total reads: 680
'I'm sorry, I can't sleep. Didn't mean to spook you.'
7th Sunday, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-06-16 Total reads: 813
Revenge can change everything, but not the outcome...
Bad Luck and Trouble, by MacShayne
Date added: 2014-04-02 Total reads: 819
On his route to Miami, he was in the neighbour of Point Pleasant and decided to pay a visit...
FRAUDULENT NYPD, by themessiah
Date added: 2014-03-06 Total reads: 776
Revenge, by MacShayne
Date added: 2013-12-15 Total reads: 1340
First day out of prison, first answer to find...
Spyder, by Lev821
Date added: 2013-11-14 Total reads: 769
Everybody wants this invention, and those who know about it will stop at nothing to get it. What is it, and why is it so dangerous?
The Stranger, by MacShayne
Date added: 2013-11-11 Total reads: 1626
She invited him for a date. But where is she and who is the strange man?
The Beast Within., by OverExitedUnicorn
Date added: 2013-09-26 Total reads: 1489
Just a short story, I will try to write more of Daughter of Mine ;)
How To Catch A Monster, by MacShayne
Date added: 2013-09-06 Total reads: 984
When The Punisher is in town, Cobra is called as cure...
Only God Forgives, by MacShayne
Date added: 2013-09-01 Total reads: 1131
Are you worried about The Punisher?
Vault, by Ransackle
Date added: 2013-07-26 Total reads: 1327
A brother and sister are home alone. The doorbell rings...
Ladies and gentlemen..., by Scubagoldstein
Date added: 2013-07-11 Total reads: 825
A speech for the ages!
Menage Ah, Moon, by murraylevy1
Date added: 2013-07-07 Total reads: 1285
A haunted man witnesses a sex party and a murder through a window. He can't tell anyone.
First Kill, by MacShayne
Date added: 2013-06-25 Total reads: 1389
They made one mistake...
Ending The Curve, by MacShayne
Date added: 2013-05-16 Total reads: 1216
Knowledge is power they say, what could go wrong?
Live With Stranger - part 1, by natureho
Date added: 2013-04-12 Total reads: 1138
... the dimming of the light... (part 29), by authorpeterhunter
Date added: 2013-01-21 Total reads: 1100
... but life goes on...
Killing Them Softly, by MacShayne
Date added: 2013-01-12 Total reads: 4629
A former FBI agent and father who should have died four years ago awakes from a coma. This time not looking for his daughter but on a serious killing spree! They cry, they plead, they beg. It gets embarrassing. I like to kill 'em softly.
... the dimming of the light... (part 22), by authorpeterhunter
Date added: 2013-01-06 Total reads: 1234
... fire fight...
... the dimming of the light... (part 21), by authorpeterhunter
Date added: 2013-01-01 Total reads: 1257
... the Colonel sets out...
... the dimming of the light... (part 20), by authorpeterhunter
Date added: 2012-12-30 Total reads: 1214
... the French have landed...
Danny's Mantra, by DmDarnell
Date added: 2012-12-28 Total reads: 1421
Danny's paranoia gets the better of him when he sees an old friend with his wife
Vertigo Redo, by murraylevy1
Date added: 2012-12-23 Total reads: 1429
A young vet. with vertigo is drawn into a sister act and a threesome, with dizzying effect.
... the dimming of the light... (part 17), by authorpeterhunter
Date added: 2012-12-21 Total reads: 1099
... The French are coming...
... the dimming of the light... (part 15), by authorpeterhunter
Date added: 2012-12-17 Total reads: 1108
... violence?
The Trial of Adam Gurney, by ApeMann
Date added: 2012-12-15 Total reads: 2588
A teenage boys' day out with his father takes an unexpected turn...
... the dimming of the light... (part 10), by authorpeterhunter
Date added: 2012-12-11 Total reads: 1171
... a short-wave radio is discovered...
... the dimming f the light... (part 9), by authorpeterhunter
Date added: 2012-12-10 Total reads: 1201
... more deaths...
Blood Stone, by MacShayne
Date added: 2012-12-05 Total reads: 1325
This story is set in the James Bond universe and starts just after the events of Quantum Of Solace. The story introduces you to Bill Timothy, and his way to become MI6 secret agent 008. In the end it wil set the events of Skyfall in action.
A Glimmer of Hope, by beaver2
Date added: 2012-10-20 Total reads: 1337
A trip to the carnival turns into a deadly race for survival.

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