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List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic Romance genre. Please do leave comments for the writers! Or how about visiting our Short Fiction Forum to chat about the site, stories, and authors?
Erotic romance novels have romance as the main focus of the plot line, and they are characterized by strong, often explicit, sexual content. Erotic romance novels take the reader beyond the bedroom door where more traditional romance does not breach that barrier. The sex scenes, while explicit, are there for the purpose of character development.

Ten RANDOM stories from this genre

Ava loves again.... part 2, date added; 2013-04-19, Mara and Oden, date added; 2014-03-16, Long Hot Summer - Chapter 1, date added; 2013-07-21, As It Happened Chapter 5, date added; 2012-07-11, It Stinks of Fish!, date added; 2012-11-22, Addicting Love Part 1, date added; 2012-01-27, You've got 14 minutes to get naked, date added; 2014-06-06, William & Chelsea Chap 5., date added; 2012-03-06, Shocker, date added; 2014-08-25, The Trainer Part 16 (Blake and Connie have dinner, then get ready for some bedroom fun), date added; 2013-09-23,

Latest stories in this genre

The Man on the Bridge Pt Three, by DragonLover94
Date added: 2015-05-27 Total reads: 339
Marissa starts the day worried but ends it in bliss.
VISIONS, by WinstonBentley
Date added: 2015-05-22 Total reads: 699
A story of enduring love and lust
His Secretary Has a Secret, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-19 Total reads: 2356
She was a little afraid of Derek because he had a reputation of bending unsuspecting females over and making them pretend to be boys for his pleasure.
A Bride for Seven Brothers Chapter 4, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-18 Total reads: 1825
The sounds of Scarlett being spanked was so loud that Sheila begged Angus to do her like that and to spank both cheeks hard for being such a naughty girl.
Reverse Inferencing, by galatea
Date added: 2015-05-18 Total reads: 708
Mick is fun: surfer boy, good head on his shoulders but careful not to use it, no questions, no promises, no love letters, hands like a hungry squid, good kid all around. He is always up with the sun, but today I decided he should sleep in. I love it how a good ejaculation knocks a man out. (FM)
A Bride for Seven Brothers Chapter 3, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-17 Total reads: 1740
The touch of Ewan's hot tongue on her nether region had triggered a desire for deep penetration into her flanks but she was far too ashamed to suggest it to her new husband or the other brothers.
A Bride for Seven Brothers Chapter 2, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-15 Total reads: 2343
She sat close to her new husband shamefully thinking about his six other brothers all patiently waiting for their turn with the new bride.
A Bride for Seven Brothers, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-13 Total reads: 3256
Sheila whispered into her new spouse's ear, "I would be perfectly happy to give them all a female bridge over troubled waters until we find nice girls for all of them."
A World Beyond This Place, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-09 Total reads: 1720
The man made no attempt to hide his manhood and she stepped forward into the light of mother sun and allowed him to see her nicely curved female form.
Best Friends Forever, by janus
Date added: 2015-05-09 Total reads: 1632
2F/Kissing/Lesbian sensuous love making: including a homage to Collette’s poignantly famous reflections on first love from The Vagabond.
Just the Three of Us: An Erotic Romantic Comedy for the Commitment-Challenged - Chapter 1, by LoriSchafer
Date added: 2015-05-09 Total reads: 528
The first chapter from my just-published erotic novel Just the Three of Us: An Erotic Romantic Comedy for the Commitment-Challenged.
Shark Bitten, Twice Shy, by galatea
Date added: 2015-05-07 Total reads: 550
I turned my eyes back up toward the angry, bouncing sun and lowered my leg back down to the deck. My ankle throbbed with each heartbeat and stabbed at me with every jolting wave, but that pain was nothing compared to how my feelings hurt.
The Man on the Bridge Pt Two, by DragonLover94
Date added: 2015-04-30 Total reads: 1310
Marissa agrees to go out with her friend and gets a surprise.
To Be Continued..., by galatea
Date added: 2015-04-27 Total reads: 547
The shark descended along the reef’s edge, weaving smoothly through the coral. Before it got to the sandy bottom, it kicked, darting out into the channel, moving straight toward Gretchen. As soon as it got to her, she exploded.
Meanwhile at the Temple of the Vestal Virgins, by galatea
Date added: 2015-04-25 Total reads: 1214
He took twenty thousand men to die for his arrogance. No more. If Rome wants to be conquered, then let it. Bring Brennus to me. I will receive him here. (F+M+, Voy)
seducing the detective, by missy0513
Date added: 2015-04-24 Total reads: 2486
Remember Us, by sharonna
Date added: 2015-04-22 Total reads: 1287
Carmen will never forget Heidi
My Body Calls Out For You, by sharonna
Date added: 2015-04-21 Total reads: 2231
Does Nicole have capturing thighs?
The Man on the Bridge Pt One, by DragonLover94
Date added: 2015-04-21 Total reads: 1809
College girl meets a guy late at night after ditching a party.
It Is Ironic, by sharonna
Date added: 2015-04-19 Total reads: 966
Is it ironic that Zac and Jana meet?
Chemically Compatable, by sharonna
Date added: 2015-04-18 Total reads: 1701
Trent and Tami sure make good chemistry.
Rebecca and the Temple of Vestal Virgins, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-04-17 Total reads: 2235
She knew her "Virgin" problem was solved and all that remained was to satisfy this invisible messenger of delight was to allow him a quick release of his cosmic cum.
Date added: 2015-04-16 Total reads: 2908
Her fantasy ever was to get laid down by a well endowed young man. My fantasi: my fist time with a mature
Everything She Ever Wanted, by galatea
Date added: 2015-04-15 Total reads: 1788
"Can you imagine it," she asked, leaving an empty pause where she should have called me Love, "coming of age in the palace of the prince who slew your dragon and swept you away from hopelessness and fear?"
The Widow Wore Black Chapter 10, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-04-07 Total reads: 745
She suddenly realized that in all honesty she had accepted her dead spouse's heavy hands and thick belt because of her deep-seated conviction he was her soul-mate despite his many faults.
The Widow Wore Black Chapter 9, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-04-06 Total reads: 890
The touch of his heated knob in her tender crack made her think that perhaps he had the intent to enter her rear portal and she quickly whispered her disagreement with that route.
The Widow Wore Black Chapter 8, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-04-05 Total reads: 699
He paused to look up at the pretty fresh young face standing at attention and imagined her expession perched on his knee with his riding crop dancing a happy tune on her slender cheeks.
Disappointing Coco, by galatea
Date added: 2015-03-28 Total reads: 1614
If life were a catalog, that was the page I had been staring at for years. Yes, of course there was a hot tub. The catalog had an asterisk and said "hot tub not pictured." (FFM)
The Widow Wore Black Chapter 7, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-03-28 Total reads: 634
They conversed for a short while and she negotiated a safe voyage for most of her cash and a promise of carnal relations as soon as they came in view of a safe shoreline.
Tenderness, by galatea
Date added: 2015-03-22 Total reads: 3781
He made no complaints when I touched him gently, even if I moved one of his arms or legs. I got him undressed and tucked in, but it wasn’t enough. Something about his breathing spoke to me of pain.
The German Woman, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-03-21 Total reads: 2516
After a few questions, the Gestapo agent stood up at the side of Hilda and turned her head so she could take his cock in her mouth whilst still sitting.
Lollipop Story, by sharonna
Date added: 2015-03-16 Total reads: 2296
There is no better job than guarding one's lollipop.
Come Fly With Me, by sharonna
Date added: 2015-03-15 Total reads: 4179
Chloe.... Shut up and kiss me! Words of hot passion.
A Day in the Country, by ccboyd
Date added: 2015-03-12 Total reads: 4661
het exhib oral scenes about a couple having fun in nature
A Geisha's Pain, by galatea
Date added: 2015-03-12 Total reads: 1554
To me, sex is a weapon, and I give no quarter. Except with Kosei. Sex with Kosei is peace.
Saving Grace, by golfir
Date added: 2015-03-10 Total reads: 989
A week in the life of a sociopath
The Widow Wore Black Chapter 5, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-03-06 Total reads: 2646
She felt the nudge from his manhood on her bottom and was filled with the need to be taken.
A Geisha's Power, by galatea
Date added: 2015-03-04 Total reads: 3682
She was an F-5 tornado of charm and beauty that could rip pavement out of the ground, and she had touched down right in front of me. (FM, FMMM+, Anal, BDSM, Humil)
The Widow Wore Black Chapter 4, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-03-04 Total reads: 956
The man with the code name of "Marcel" told her, "Tell Whitehall I am no longer interested in being their agent and want no involvement in half-baked schemes concocted by fools too ready to sacrifice other people's lives and not willing to get their hands dirty in the mud of reality."
The Widow Wore Black Chapter 3, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-03-03 Total reads: 1351
Claude was blessed with a generous helping of male equipment and she could easily understand why he had such a high opinion of his physical attraction to the female sex.
An Artist and A Prop, by galatea
Date added: 2015-02-27 Total reads: 2413
I heard a woman's voice from the bathroom door: "I have three hours to make you presentable." Quite startled, I turned to look. She clearly did not think three hours would be enough time. (Exhib, FemDom)
Look Back in Sorrow, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-02-25 Total reads: 1702
I took him into my mouth tasting Adele and his recent emission which stung my tastebuds with that pervasive maleness that never failed to make me disgustingly submissive.
Beyond Redemption Chapter 4, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-02-24 Total reads: 1649
One of the women wore ski pants so tight that her camel-toe was clearly outlined for visual proof of her femininity and it was easy to speculate she had absolutely no pubic hair to mar the smooth slopes of her labia.
Divorcee Meets a Fiery Wench Who Ticks all the Boxes, by kiwiYarns
Date added: 2015-02-24 Total reads: 1628
Gus loses his land, a victim of Climate Change and ends up managing a big orchard. He's cruising along nicely when the owner's daughter returns home from the UK and tries throwing her weight around.
Shipping and Receiving, by galatea
Date added: 2015-02-22 Total reads: 2356
The circumstances of a woman’s first sexual encounter can permanently color her feelings about sex and men in general for the rest of her life. The things that happened that night might explain some of my more dangerous proclivities. (FM, Bond, HJ)
The Widow Wore Black Chapter 2, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-02-22 Total reads: 1982
Honey was fairly certain Sir Knightly was suggesting some sort of physical relationship with the pretty French girl and although she found that normally repugnant, she was prepared to do what was needed for the good of her country and to save brave men's lives.
The Widow Wore Black Chapter 1, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-02-21 Total reads: 3421
When the doctor told her "bend over" she hesitated for only for a fleeting moment because she suspected the Commander and other unknown parties were watching her every move and studying her reactions to the instructions.
Through Her Eyes, by sharonna
Date added: 2015-02-17 Total reads: 1708
Katie could see Manley through her eyes of pure love and acceptance. Whatever happens it was meant to be.
Lust in the library, by fimarie78
Date added: 2015-02-15 Total reads: 7826
Anna teaches Richard more than he will learn in the library!
Beyond Redemption Chapter 3, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-02-13 Total reads: 2636
Hans kissed her with his tongue buried deep inside her needy lips and she wrapped her arms around his firmly muscled chest not wanting to leave but knowing she had to get back to her studies and keep this business private between the two of them.

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