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List of short stories in the Dark fantasy category at short fiction - back to our genre list

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Dark fantasy genre. Please do leave comments for the writers! Or how about visiting our Short Fiction Forum to chat about the site, stories, and authors?
Dark fantasy has yet to be solidly connected to its own particular subgenre of Fantasy. Stories often described as dark fantasy are therefore more likely to be "officially" placed in either the horror or fantasy genres, based on which genre the story tends more toward.

Top 10 Most Popular stories in this genre EVER!

Son Horny For Mom In The Morning (9178), The Day Poly Lost Her Virginity (6174), Desire of the Erotic Vampire (5086), Mortal Sins (4276), Caged (4046), Midnight pleasure (3957), Pagan Ties (3719), An old womans remembers (3630), Orgasm Mints (3184), Coffie And Blood (2973),
Pain UnderNew Mngmnt ch. 3: Nutt-Sacked, by VampireLuv
Date added: 2014-07-21 Total reads: 207
Fear handcuffing her mind, nothing but body heat separated them. And in the dark, who could see?
(SoI) Book 1: Book of Death - Chapter 1, by Fantasywarrior
Date added: 2014-06-20 Total reads: 266
The City of Thieves is one of the most dangerous places in the world. It isn't a place for those of faint heart, so how is Corrin going to survive there?
Pain Under New Mngmnt ch. 2: Watch Me Watch You , by VampireLuv
Date added: 2014-05-12 Total reads: 546
He's watching me watch him, while I'm watching him watch me. He was decked in solid black from head to toe, like the featured stick of colored wax readied for a crayon box.
ONJI, by JohnSachu
Date added: 2014-05-01 Total reads: 698
A cold night, and stranger in the dar, and revelations that could frighten her forever.
Pain Under New Management chapter 1, by VampireLuv
Date added: 2014-04-26 Total reads: 1081
Welcome to Lovesick Penitentiary... where the women wear teardrop-blues.
Emma's Love., by TomiTank
Date added: 2014-04-17 Total reads: 798
The story of Parisian lovers Emma and Scott.
SISTERS APART, by actung
Date added: 2014-03-29 Total reads: 1111
(SoI)Book 1: The Book of Death- Prologue[Updated verison], by Fantasywarrior
Date added: 2014-03-22 Total reads: 381
Prologue to Shadows of Infamy Book 1: The Book of Death. An insanely complicated plot and world, major dark fantasy that is sure to keep you guessing and awaiting in suspense just to trip and surprise you all over again. Please send feedback.
Princil's Magic : Chapter 1, by Kurt Rellians
Date added: 2014-03-13 Total reads: 1007
Barbarians using dark magic are invading the prosperous and liberated city of Cromilil. The only way young mage Princil can save his household is to create magic by breaking sexual taboos.
The Nights Ran Red With Blood, by NightAngel
Date added: 2014-03-10 Total reads: 470
Danshalla, by woodmountman
Date added: 2014-01-21 Total reads: 1403
Not sure what the hell it's about.
Cremation? A Disgustingly Heathen Practice., by Camilla
Date added: 2014-01-07 Total reads: 802
I didn't die in 1797, I merely had some Conversations and Copulations with Corpses. These are they.........
Sophias Fail, by Me
Date added: 2014-01-01 Total reads: 598
Orgasm Mints, by murraylevy1
Date added: 2013-11-18 Total reads: 3184
Accidentally DC scientists create the ultimate pleasure pill. All hell breaks loose for President-elect Janet Cummings.
A Hero story?? Prologue, by Fantasywarrior
Date added: 2013-10-29 Total reads: 748
Just remembered have this most recent story. Its mix of Darkfantasy,Steampunk and Cyber Punk. Haven't came up with offical name yet!(or maybe make this offical name hmm, what you all think?) Hope you like it, enjoy :) Going to try and update thisas soon as get inspiration for it and when have time leave feadback please, very helpful!
my genius son, by sally@u
Date added: 2013-10-27 Total reads: 1455
A Battle Within, by BeccaRoux92
Date added: 2013-10-20 Total reads: 814
A super short about the love that still plagues the long dead heart of a vampire.
A hundred million or die, by Macaw!
Date added: 2013-10-03 Total reads: 1268
A new game show with a prize of one hundred million dollars, but the consequences of losing are not so good.
Stolen Waters: Chapter 3, by Wednesday
Date added: 2013-09-29 Total reads: 1509
As a newborn Vampire, Lily is forced to put her trust in Patrick, a vengeful, manipulative vampire, in order to survive not only for herself, but to save Gabriel's Immortal soul.
Departure Examination, by qmpash
Date added: 2013-09-11 Total reads: 2087
Punishment in a futuristic society.
Sex Grove, by murraylevy1
Date added: 2013-08-20 Total reads: 2718
Weiner, Filner, and Spitzer types gather for sex and power at The Bohunk Grove.This year the women are in charge. Oh, yeah.
Beautiful Lie Part 5, by Lozzie
Date added: 2013-08-18 Total reads: 781
Part 5 has arrived! :) Please remember to leave comments... I always love having feedback :)
X-Men Origins: Spiderkiller, by MacShayne
Date added: 2013-08-11 Total reads: 722
Beautiful Lie Part 4, by Lozzie
Date added: 2013-08-09 Total reads: 901
Part 4 has arrived... Lauren and Blade stuck in a jail cell together? What could be more hilarious :D please remember to keep giving me feedback!
Beautiful Lie Part 3, by Lozzie
Date added: 2013-07-27 Total reads: 794
Here's part 3! Hope you enjoy it, I think I'm going to start bringing a new part out once a week, please, please give feedback and comments, would love to know how I'm doing :)
Biting For Time: Initiation of Synne , by VampireLuv
Date added: 2013-07-16 Total reads: 1108
Excerpt of Chapter 12: Synner the sexy winner.... or our chooser a loser? This excerpt is NOT vulgar, but still should not be read by teenagers.
Beautiful Lie Part 2, by Lozzie
Date added: 2013-07-10 Total reads: 820
Here's part 2 hope you've enjoyed reading all I have to offer so far :) Please comment as I'd love to hear what you guys think!
The Dark Side Part 3, by Lozzie
Date added: 2013-07-10 Total reads: 722
Well it's been a long time coming, but here's part 3
Beautiful Lie, by Lozzie
Date added: 2013-07-08 Total reads: 1885
Hey guys... so after a long time I am back! And I have some new material for you :) please comment constructive criticism is welcome! :)
The vampire Attack, by sally@u
Date added: 2013-07-07 Total reads: 772
a detective has to figure it who killed all those people in jack the ripper style vamperic attacks
Soul of the Stalker (Lex Talionis #4), by robertmoons
Date added: 2013-06-25 Total reads: 719
What's worse than a serial killer? A serial killer with superhuman powers.
The top of the food chain? Maybe, but then, he hasn't run into the predator of serial killers.
MAT, by uranusurhonor
Date added: 2013-06-04 Total reads: 753
Punani n Cherry, by uranusurhonor
Date added: 2013-06-03 Total reads: 1187
Biting For Time 8: Vamptologist Got the Juice, by VampireLuv
Date added: 2013-05-09 Total reads: 704
Has the vamptologist got the juice to help, RoHellen? Who dis' is?
THE KILLING, by JohnSachu
Date added: 2013-05-03 Total reads: 1520
An ancient curse is debated in a man's mind while he takes his pleasure with a new conquest.
The Enslavement of William Wellington, Part Three, by mustwritenow
Date added: 2013-04-29 Total reads: 843
The enslavement of upper class executive William Wellington by his immigrant laborer son-in-law continues. A story of mind control, identity, will power, class and transformation.
The Enslavement of William Wellington, Part Two, by mustwritenow
Date added: 2013-04-26 Total reads: 1043
Upper class executive William Wellington is enslaved by his immigrant laborer son--in-law through brainwashing and humiliation. A story of mind control, identity, will power, class and transformation.
The Enslavement of William Wellington, Part One, by mustwritenow
Date added: 2013-04-25 Total reads: 1120
Upper class excutive William Wellington dislikes his son-in-law. And pays a very high price. A story of mind control, identity, domination will power, class and transformation.
cupid apocalypse, by sally@u
Date added: 2013-04-01 Total reads: 1011
pandoras box has been opened, plunging the world into hades new underworld and turning everyone into zombies and restless spirits wonder. Cupid is left only to kill this time using his arrows which hurts zombies and restless spirits and finds a mysterious human girl not affected by pandora
Roach Amour, by murraylevy1
Date added: 2013-03-25 Total reads: 818
The third of the roach trilogy.This dark, warped, fairy tale concerns a young woman who loses her love, and must take desperate measures to get him back.
In the Year of Their Lord (Lex Talionis #3), by robertmoons
Date added: 2013-03-24 Total reads: 781
In the year 3012 AD, an ancient predator stalks the dark city streets. He is man's worst nightmare, and Earth's ultimate saviour.
Pictures Of A Tragedy 1, by Shadowstar Boxer
Date added: 2013-03-20 Total reads: 728
This is structured for a graphic novel, and is a fantasy that was originally created by my good friend, Justin Wayne. Enjoy this modern day adventure in the lives of two young women who are destined to fix what is broken between the light and the darkness.
The Shade Counters 2: AUTUMN, by Shadowstar Boxer
Date added: 2013-03-18 Total reads: 1406
Welcome to the second installment of our death handlers' chronicler. Enter the dark beauty of The Shade Counters.
Biting For Time 7, by VampireLuv
Date added: 2013-03-14 Total reads: 758
Flameryll's TRUTH is just a nightdream away! Synner and Beggar.
The Shade Counters 0: CAST, by Shadowstar Boxer
Date added: 2013-03-10 Total reads: 563
Between the living world and the afterlife is a veil of alternate reality. Some call it purgatory, but we will learn of its true purpose. It is home to those who balance life and death for us all: The Shade Counters.
The Shade Counters 1: GENESIS, by Shadowstar Boxer
Date added: 2013-03-10 Total reads: 676
Between the living world and the afterlife is a veil of alternate reality. Some call it purgatory, but we will learn of its true purpose. It is home to those who balance life and death for us all: The Shade Counters.
Toy, by Lyssarose19
Date added: 2013-01-13 Total reads: 1714
Who is being played with here? Trying to decide whether to extend this very short short story. Comments welcomed!
Biting For Time 6 , by VampireLuv
Date added: 2013-01-05 Total reads: 1165
Vama drama and vampire secrets: Don't Feed The Vampires.
Biting For Time 5 ( edit ), by VampireLuv
Date added: 2012-12-09 Total reads: 1792
Vampire secrets are nearly impossible to protect and too dangerous to expose. Well, someone's keeping secrets...., Biting For Time.
Easy Street, by Lizardking99
Date added: 2012-11-23 Total reads: 2127
Dark humoured story about a Vigilante

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