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Short Fiction newest stories. Added 2016-02-05

The latest stories & poems... (please only view adult or erotic stories if older than 16)
A Bit of the Other with My Brother (Part One) (Erotic stories) by cousinsd, Bloody Weird Shopping (Erotic stories) by JamesRTickit, Milly a Chance Doco Film Star: 2 of 2 parts (Adult Theme) by kiwiYarns, Orphan Patriarch: 1 (Erotic stories) by fablesofanhedonia, Ripe Women – 14 of 14 Parts (Erotic stories) by kiwi spinner, sisters (Erotic stories) by francull, The Basement Man Chapter 1 (Adult Theme) by harrylime, Anhedonia: The Spectacle of Humiliation (Erotic stories) by fablesofanhedonia, Captured and Interrogated 3 (Erotic stories) by JamesRTickit, Family (General Literary) by salvatore, Hilary (Erotic stories) by randyralph, IRA & JESSIE - a fragment (Erotic stories) by lexiemueller, Love By Keystrokes (Poetry) by Mysteria27, Milly a Chance Doco Film Star: 1 of 2 parts (Adult Theme) by kiwiYarns, Passengers on the Wormhole Express Chapter 2 (Scifi) by harrylime, Private Ceremony. (Erotic stories) by Camilla, Ripe Women – 13 of 14 Parts (Erotic stories) by kiwi spinner, Shady Can't Sleep (Romance) by JamesRTickit, Blue crystal butt plug (Erotic stories) by Velvetnest, Bonded and Bred Chapter 09 (Fantasy) by angie65, Don't Sleep in the Subway Chapter 4 (Adult Theme) by harrylime, Hannah: A Husband's Last Ride (Erotic stories) by fablesofanhedonia, Katie gets her revenge (Part 2) (Adult Theme) by bakatie27, Madame Min. (Erotic stories) by Camilla, Never cross a woman in heat (Erotic stories) by JamesRTickit, Nick and Bess (Erotic stories) by bungdidin, Night Zone City: -Prologue- (Supernatural) by 7stars, Ripe Women – 12 of 14 Parts (Erotic stories) by kiwi spinner, Sheila (General Literary) by bsodders, Steel Willy (Erotic stories) by MsTrina,

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harrylime (1199) , Camilla (600) , Juls Stahh (435) , actung (373) , KiwiMuser (247) , KiwiDreamer (247) , KiwiCreator (247) , kiwiYarns (243) , janus (242) , GutterrhymesEsq (235) , JamesRTickit (215) , Green_Man (203) , kitosdad (157) , DirtyMartini (157) , MacShayne (151) , Rico.Viejo (149) , LarryFNigh (143) , angie65 (135) , Twinkletwinkle (131) , JJ (124) , JohnSachu (123) , Sun Tzu (123) , shyboy (122) , authorpeterhunter (120) , ailarhyn (117) ,

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harrylime (8331393) , GutterrhymesEsq (2729241) , dave.looker (1507777) , Juls Stahh (1455055) , janus (1313461) , Mystery Writer (1280811) , KiwiDreamer (1200977) , geronimo_appleby (1149315) , Camilla (1087451) , KiwiMuser (1052081) , Stormbringer (1011234) , shyboy (990720) , stray angel (952586) , KiwiCreator (853480) , angie65 (765929) , Green_Man (743800) , AsylumSeeker (644965) , ClickingTheKeys (643933) , DirtyGeezer (620127) , NaughtyAnnie (611177) , JamesRTickit (605453) , kiwiYarns (583017) , DirtyMartini (516818) ,

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All story submissions remain the copyright of the authors - we are not here to make money from your submissions! This site is a resource for you to showcase your writing without having to have the technical know-how yourself. Unfortunately I cannot pay money for your stories, as I receive no funding or payment. Once a story is in our database, you are able to edit it online at any time, just by logging in and using your special members homepage. We will only display your username against stories, no e-mail address will be revealed (to cut down on any chance of spam). There is now a new 'author profile' page you may complete, but what you choose to reveal is completely up to you! We have a published legal Privacy Policy.
How do you receive feedback?
We have put a feedback system into the site, where readers may send you (hopefully) constructive criticism, or (even more hopefully), generous praise. This system hides your e-mail address to keep the feedback 'secure'. It does seem the erotic stories do get more feedback than other genres, but not always!
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This site isn't here to make big money (or in fact, ANY money!), it's mostly a labour of love (of fiction itself, and me using my technical skills to help others). So we won't charge you a membership fee, or anything to read as many stories as you wish.

Who runs this story website?

All run by Krispy in his spare time
This site was conceived, designed, coded, and glued together by Kristian 'Krispy' Brown; kristianbrown.co.uk, in my spare time. My normal job is a senior systems developer (Oracle and Java), but I have been creating websites for the last 18 years. The are all on my own hosted webserver. I do this for fun, and sharing a love of books, reading, imagination, and helping people with my technical know how.

Story submission policy

We accept short story submissions in many categories including a huge erotic story section! If you feel your story should be in a fiction category we do not have, please suggest one, and if I agree, I will create that category for you.

We do accept stories of an adult and nature (including erotic stories), but reserve the right to edit or reject submissions that we feel breaks the boundaries of taste we will accept. This is completely my discretion, but note we will refuse stories that are of an illegal or over violent sexual nature (illegal adult themes such as drug taking ARE acceptable though). We do ask that no-one under 16 enter or read stories in the 'adult' or 'erotic stories' categories of the site. Important note: We cannot be held responsible if underage or easily shockable readers read or are upset by any of the stories within this site. By clicking on any of the story links within this website, you agree not to hold the owners responsible for any upset, shock, or negative effects. The erotic story section contains themes such as "hot wife", "BSDM", "Cuckold", "Domination and submission", as well as more "straight" erotica.

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